Payment options

The webshop payment can be made via prepayment, PayPal or cash on delivery. For all the particular payment methods we have the following information:

Complete the transaction and choose prepayment als payment option. Shortly afterwards you will receive an e-mail with an invitation to transfer the vacancy
to our bank account. You will find all our bank account details in the e-mail with your order confirmation. As soon the payment is transfered to our bank account your already packaged, reservered and insured order is going to be shipped by one of our logistic partners (UPS or DHL).
From what we experienced in the past a domestic bank transfer takes one or two days. Your appointment will be shipped the day of the payment receipt and it will arrive in 99% of all domestic shippments the following weekday.

Our bank account:

Bank: Hamburger Sparkasse
IBAN: DE92200505501238192221

Kontonummer: 1238192221
Bankleitzahl: 20050550

Consigne: Silke Tuchscherer

Please make sure to write down the order code / order number on every transfer. If not we might get problems to refer your payment with your order, which can cause a delay in the process of your appointment.

The payment is also possible with using via PayPal. If you would like to use this option you need a PayPal account.
You can create an account for free, it only takes you one minute. With PayPal benefit sellers as well as customers from being insured up to a value of 500,00. Paypal's benefit at a look: I can transfer money within Germany, as well as the whole of the world straightforward in just one second. Lean back after transfering the money to our bank account, because the articles are going to be send as quick as possible. I have the safety that all my items beeing paid with PayPal are insured up to a value of 500,00 in rarely cases of deception - even without co-payment. I can trust PayPal to protect me actively from deception and abuse of data, because more than a thousand PayPal and eBay security experts working worldwide against illegal deception.
PayPal is a professional and neutral contact in case of discrepancies with the seller. I am able to track the date of the in-payment at the seller's bank account, because the status of my payment is shown clearly in the overview of my PayPal account.
Our Paypal adress: